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Business: [email protected]

Nikki, AKA Kiki, is a 28 year old artist from Northern California who goes by the online alias “Snorechu”.Snorechu's current big project focus revolves around her character "Blue the Ferret". She has written, illustrated, and self published an original comic book featuring Blue, and she is currently working on the indie game "Blue the Ferret Knight", currently as the sole artist and animator.Aside from these projects, Snorechu loves to travel to conventions to network and meet fans and other creators. She loves creating work inspired by cartoons and video games from her childhood in her spare time, and is also known for completing hundreds of caricature sketch commissions at the shows she attends.

Completely original art, concepts and characters by Snorechu.

Freelance and miscellaneous work created by Snorechu.

Snorechu’s art booth!

Merch examples. Snorechu creates prints, stickers, charms, buttons, and more!

Convention Commissions are done at show and take roughly 10 - 25 minutes to complete. Snorechu can draw a wide variety of characters, including original characters and portraits of people.

"Blue the Ferret", the original comic book written and illustrated by Snorechu.

"Blue The Ferret Knight"
is a 2D sidescrolling indie game project currently being worked on by Snorechu. Here you can find footage from the original test demo created in 2019.

The project underwent a short hiatus and is back in development with a complete overhaul of the artwork and programming. Footage of the new demo will be posted soon.